28th April – Leaving Bali

It’s our last day in Bali – our flight out is at 11 pm, and we fly via Melbourne to Christchurch, so will be there about 5pm tomorrow.  Our plan today was to get a taxi to Ubud to wander around looking at art, and have lunch, but when we went to arrange a taxi he said that it was going to be an hour to one and a half hours each way, so we decided to spend a last day wandering around Kuta .

We’ve had a lovely day, walking along the beach, watching the surfers and politely declining the offers of surf boards, chairs, umbrellas, fruit, kites, beads, trinkets, beers, drinks and mushrooms! When we got too hot we wandered back to the streets to find ice creams and booksellers to exchange books read for books unread. We made our way to Jalan Legian and found sanctuary from the heat of the street  and the cars in an air conditioned shop for a few minutes,  back out on the street it wasn’t long before we needed a drink and a quiet sit down for our regular drink, a shandy made from Bintang (the local lager) and sprite.

Now we’re back at the hotel sat by the pool watching the odd swallow dive down to the pool to take a beak of water and fly off again. We’ve had our last meal here in Bali and it’s just going dark, so soon we’ll have a shower by the pool and take a taxi to the big metal bird that’s taking us off to the next stage of our adventure in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We’ve had a brilliant week in Bali – we tagged it onto the trip intending it to be a week lying around the pool, so we could relax after the wedding, and it definitely has been relaxing but we’ve also done lots of fun stuff!  After the last post we wrote, we went down to the beach the next day and waited (not very long!) for the first lady to shout ‘you want massage?!’ and went and lay in the shade of the palm trees on the beach and had massages – very relaxing despite being surrounded by crowds of ladies trying to persuade us to buy sarongs, bracelets, hats, drinks, sunglasses or an entire peeled pineapple!  As we were walking back, we passed a stall with a PADI sign, so stopped to chat – we ended up booking to go diving yesterday, which was really good.

We got picked up at the hotel at 7.30, and drove 2 and a half hours across the island to Tulamben, where we dived straight from the beach on a huge, scattered shipwreck with loads of coral and fish on it.  Totally relaxed diving, 20m visibility and lovely clear warm water, it’s such a pleasure to dive like that!  And quite an experience watching the Balinese ladies carrying two cylinders down from the cars on their heads… amazing!  We were diving with a Canadian chap who’s a dive guide in Thailand, and an American guy who’s on a business trip to Bali – the American guy had a camera with him, so hopefully is going to email us a few of the photos he took of us.

We’ve also spent a day at Waterbom Park, which was absolutely brilliant – we went on all the waterslides, including one where you step into a capsule at the top, and the guy presses a button to make the floor fall out from beneath your feet so you drop into the tube – I screamed like crazy!  We actually spent most of the day drifting around the Lazy River in tubes, which was wonderfully chilled out.  It’s all become a bit more high-tech and commercial since last time I was here – you have to pay for a locker, pay for a towel, pay for a reserved sun lounger, and it’s all done on a cash-free basis using wristbands which (you guessed it!) you also have to pay for the privilege of hiring.  And then there are photographers at the bottom of every slide taking photos of you and giving you another wristband to go and buy copies of your photos at the counter!  We had a brilliant day, anyway.

So, next stop – Christchurch!  We’re both really looking forward to getting to NZ, finding a campervan and hitting the road!  Bali has been fantastic, a really great start to the trip.  We love being on honeymoon!

A few more photos:

Lunch on Jalan Legian

Shrine we passed on the street

Petrol for sale in vodka bottles!

Kuta Beach

Traders on the beach

At Starbucks enjoying the air con!

Our hotel

Shrine in the middle of a busy junction

Sari Club bombing memorial, Kuta, Bali.

Another gargoyle!

5 thoughts on “28th April – Leaving Bali

  1. Hi – LOVING the blog… do you want me to ask about anything for you in NZ? I have great contacts there & of course – know lots of other writers who specialise in Aus/NZ travel – they should know the best places to go for whatever you need. Have a good flight. XX

    • Hi Nikki – thanks for the offer, that’s really useful! So far NZ seems a really friendly, easy place to travel and we’ve picked up enough brochures and leaflets to keep us reading for weeks! If you know anyone who might know the best places to get deals on either hiring or buying campervans in Australia – we’re arriving in Cairns early June and leaving from Adelaide late July – that would be brilliant, as after our month in NZ we’ll be thinking about that. Lots of love, Chris and Nix x

      • ARGH!! I didn’t see this reply… BUGGER – are you sorted? Best bet – email me at my gmail – I’m in France for a month now – so not seeing a lot of notifications etc… so sorry to not be helpful!

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